What sets us apart

We combine the country’s largest network of real estate professionals with one of the industry’s most experienced recruiters. Our fundamentally different approach to executive recruitment makes finding exceptional candidates faster, easier and more affordable. Here’s how:

We listen. During a one-on-one consultation, 30-year real estate recruiting pro Chris Hingle gathers details about the position and about the ideal person for the job. Chris then works closely with our digital marketing manager who digs deep into the company’s work culture and finds the most effective way to promote a given position. No other firm employs this thoughtful, creative process to craft the best message to reach superior candidates. At the end of the day, we understand successful companies are those that hire people who share common values.

We identify the talent pool. Our proprietary network of nearly 500,000 real estate and construction professionals includes managers at all stages of their careers working in homebuilding, multi-family, office, retail, commercial, industrial, land and hospitality. What’s more, 90 percent of them are currently employed, which speaks to the quality of the talent we can reach. Our sophisticated technology dramatically speeds the process of using your specific criteria to create an exclusive list of candidates with the right experience and in the right location.

We promote the job. Unlike automated job boards that confront candidates with hundreds of boilerplate ads, our team carefully tailors every search campaign to the position at hand. No other service or recruiting firm can offer the level of personalization we employ when reaching out to qualified candidates. For example, the following are email messages created by our team to inform potential candidates about the challenges and career potential of specific openings:

We screen the responses. Prospective candidates interact directly with Christopher Frederick’s principal recruiter, saving our clients time and resources. The sheer efficiency of our system to identify and reach relevant professionals means we can spend the bulk of our time talking with interested professionals and evaluating those who offer the most promise. We then select only the most well-suited final candidates for your consideration.

You make the hire. This novel process often results in leadership positions filled in weeks, rather than months. Our approach also keeps fees affordable, with clients owing nothing unless we are successful. Plus, Christopher Frederick’s six-month guarantee is the best in the business, offering yet another assurance that we meet the high standards our clients rightfully expect from their hires.

Learn more about how your executive recruitment can be faster and more cost-effective – contact Chris Hingle for a live presentation showing exactly how we can tailor our unique process to your next search.